• Jan Rybeck


Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Before Covid-19, there were the squirrels.

Three times since the start of the year, squirrels have chewed through the wires in our car engines, over $35K in damage between 2 cars. Moth balls, repellent spray, porch lights, cougar and red fox urine, nothing was keeping them away.

So when contagion concerns started building this past week we were already in battle conditions, ready for action.. or more like, open to shifting whatever was needed to protect and defend.

It is a different way to live, and yet, we adapt.

And though it is exhausting, it is also opening us up to new ways to be, connect, and see things.

Like OMG, do you know how hard it is to NOT touch your face?

And  the way panic shows up in the oddest ways ….another trip to Costco to stock up on house size cans of garbanzo beans and anything else that looks hardy enough to last a generation or two.

And how dearly I want to touch and hold those I care about, and even others, to simply bring them closer in.

It melts my heart with the raw reminder that we don’t get to keep any of this.

Real security comes from connection. So what do we do when we are required to distance? How might we reach out and touch one another from the core of our humanness… sitting with the reality that none of us gets out of here alive and yet the possibility in each moment is boundless. Holding both the limiting and limitless.  

Fear and love.

It’s been 4 days now with our newly re-wired cars back in the driveway. We found special  covers designed to keep critters out.  I no longer go out to my car with the same level of anxiety, wondering if it will start, if there will be scraps of chewed up colored wire littering my driveway, reminders of battles lost.  The act of pulling the cover off my car actually feels kind of good, an upper body stretch. Weird, I know, but I kind of enjoy it. And the covers even keep our cars clean, a small though sweet unintended consequence. It sometimes takes 2 people to do the covering… slowing us down, creating connection.

Thank you squirrels.

We will get through this. We will grow because of this. We will find and adapt ways of thinking and being that bring us home to what matters most.

Perhaps, an invitation in all this is to find ways to continually open up to the possibility…. tap the limitless through love, gratitude, and learning in each moment.. and when we have trouble finding that, look underneath the fear, to what it is that we fear losing.

Breathe into that.

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