• Jan Rybeck


f there is one thing a pandemic is good for... it's new perspectives.

I love how I can show up in my grungiest sweats, perhaps not shower till 4 and no one is bothered.

It's been an unexpected delight to be with others in their own homes. Seeing them in their environments, kids' toys in the background, piles here and there, and their unique design sensibilities add to my appreciation for who they are.

And learning to express from behind a mask what often comes through in a smile, through text what would be non verbal nuance, or to share what is passed through a hug over a screen has forced me to more deliberately unpack what I want to communicate so the other really gets it.

It amazes me that while we are literally masked up, it feels ever more possible to be real and available with one another.

This Thanksgiving I want to communicate the depth of my gratitude so that you really get it.

Do you realize how indelibly significant you are to making this world what it is? That everything you give, offer, intend makes a mark? Even the space you create with your silence and questions are a contribution.

Thank you for all that. Please let it in, bring it into your being, let it sink down deep. There is no one like you and we need you for that.

And know that in the receiving of that thanks, in really getting it, you are also giving. One doesn't work without the other.

What enables you to let in what you are given?

What gets in the way of really letting it in?

How/when do you experience yourself as being a contribution to something larger? How might you trust that to be true?

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